Saturday, November 7, 2009

Toy Workshop - Nov 7, 2009

A Toy Workshop was held on Saturday Nov 7, 2009 at the RCWA Shop at 910 Wood Ave in Rapid City from 9 am til 1 pm. The workshop served as a wood/parts exchange. Members in attendance: Lon, Grant, Harley, Ron, Kathy, Bob.

Kathie and Ron put wheels on sanded car bodies.

Bob and Grant hooked up a drill press donated by Grant; Grant hooked up a Ryobi table saw donated by Grant.

Bob brought in 200 animal cutouts. Animal cutouts were passed out to Harley, Lon, and Grant for sanding and edge easing. Bob returned finished cars with windows ready for sanding, passed to Lon for sanding.

Lon used Jig SK001 (jig for drilling holes for the dowel in the base and backboard) to drill 1/2 " holes to accept basketball pole (dowel). Checked fit of dowels in backboard and base. Found a discrepancy in depth of some holes, so we will re-drill some holes and use final assembly jig to check for proper hole depth. Basketball game parts count: 100 bases, 96 backboards, 60 dowels. Grant brought in material for launchers. Bob will cut the stock and add the .087" slot to accept Wendys spoons. Will need 3 more boards at 5' each to make 100 launchers. J&D Woodworking is making the basketball hoops using their CNC router. Bob and Kathie will begin making the ball/string sets.

Grant brought in ten cup and ball game prototypes. Bob will install strings and balls when 3/4 inch balls ordered by Roger are received from Casey's.
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