Monday, May 14, 2012

Toy Making Workshop - April 28, 2012

Activities at the April 28th workshop were performed by twelve members and friends who worked at drilling holes/windows in wheeled vehicles, tracing turtle banks, cutting traced parts down from larger pieces into individual pieces, and initial sanding on cars, busses, banks and crayon vans.  Others continued to trace a plethora of animal cutouts.  Roger ordered our year’s supply of wheels, axles and wooden balls, so work has begun to prepare them before they can be assembled to the wheeled vehicles.  Many members took home boxes of wood to finish in their workshops/garages.  This include operations such as initial rough sanding, the roundover routering, second phase of sanding using Mouse sanders, the sealing of the toy, and some piece part fabrication.  Participating members included Gary, Denise, Harley, Frank, Grant, Julian, Larry, Steve, Bel, Kathie, Darwin and Bob.

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