Friday, April 17, 2015

Scroll Saw Special Interest Group - 16 April 2015

Attendees:  Ed Pike, Danny Green, Harley Schmadeke, Lon Gose, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Rick Weisbeck

The members attending the Scroll Saw Special Interest Group (SS SIG) on Thursday evening April 16, 2015 at Rick's Shop were in for a surprise.

Activities:  3 D scrolling:  Books and patterns were reviewed.  Patterns were pasted to wood and the cutting started.  Two scrollsaws were making sawdust, and people were excited about the potential projects they would soon be creating.  Danny cut a pattern which showed an eagle from one side but  an owl when rotated 90 degrees.   Rick cut a similar pattern, Darwin cut one which showed a mountain lion from one angle and a mountain sheep when rotated 90 degrees, and Bob cut one half of the 3D giraffes that were left from the last SS SIG.

Books were borrowed and people will be practicing at their own shops!  Fun projects ahead!

Come next time and watch the action.  Rick promises more challenges next month.

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