Saturday, April 18, 2015

Toy Workshop - April 18, 2015

Reminder - we will be having a toy workshop on Saturday morning from 8:45 am to noon at the shop at the Club for Boys.  Hope to see you there.  Bob B

Attendees (14):
Lon Gose, Al Oines, Rick Weisbeck, Kathie and Bob Buchanan, Rollie Lynde, Darwin Buus, Grant Coffin, Julian Wigen, Frank DiCesare, Bel Felix, Harley Schmadeke, Ed Pike, and Gary Graves.

A group of 4 (Kathie, Bel, Darwin, Harley) traced a few more critters and small cars for the critter bags.   Harley and Bel also installed wheels on a box of Caravans.  Grant and Al fired up a couple of routers mounted in tables and rounded-over the edges of Locomotives and Large Oldies.  Frank drilled windows in several boxes of cars.  Rollie used the Rigid sander donated by the Borg family to sand a box of crayon vans.


Rick Weisbeck brought in hole-sawn cutouts from turtle banks.  Al Oines will sand them smooth and prepare them for installing on Locomotives.  Rick also loaded up 46 large wooden boxes and 25 smaller boxes to put into our storage area inventory for our first completed toys for 2015.

Boxes of toys were exchanged, and other cars were taken home to work in members garages.  Taking work home (home-work) were Lon, Frank, Ed, Harley, Al, Julian, Darwin, and Bob.  Currently, in the storage area at the Club for Boys Shop, there are several boxes of toys that need sanding by hand or with mouse sanders, several boxes that are ready for routering round-overs, and several left to cut from blanks, as well.


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