Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Work behind the Scenes

As you know, a lot of the effort to build toys for the TOY PROGRAM takes place behind the scenes in members shops.  An excellent example of this is the toys just completed by Julian Wigen.  He has been working on boxes with tops for a few weeks.  Here are the results of his efforts:

boxes without topses

boxes with topses

There are 25 small boxes and 46 of the bigger boxes.

Good Job JULIAN!!!

As reported in the previous blog:

Lon brought in two boxes of shaped and sanded busses and vans.  Rollie brought in over 300 shaped and sanded batman cars and several other wheeled vehicles.  Basketball parts for bases and backboards were cut by Rick and delivered to the workshop.  Lon completed over 50 paddle games and delivered them.

Way to go LON and ROLLIE !!!


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