Saturday, October 10, 2015

Toy Workshop 10-10-2015

Reminder - we will be having a Toymaking Workshop on Saturday Oct 10th from 9 am to noon at the SHOP at the CLUB FOR Boys.  See you then.  Bob B


Attendees (12):  Richard and Margaret Rasmussen, Danny Green, Rollie Lynde, Harley Schmadeke, Bel Felix, Bob Buchanan, Frank DiCesare, Grant Coffin, Ron Fisher, Gary Graves, and Rick Weisbeck.

Toys packaged and ready for inventory today included 39 racers (large and small), 31 caterpillars, 24 hippos, 6 batman cars, 32 Oldies (various types), 32 small cars, 15 helicopters, and 30 cup and ball games.  Toys will be placed in storage by Rick Weisbeck.

Items completed today - 217 toys packed and moved to storage. (10-10-2015)


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