Saturday, October 17, 2015

Toy Workshop - 10-17-2015

Continuing our marathon of toy workshops leading up to Toy Packing day on Dec 5, 2015, a group of toymakers from the Rapid City Woodworkers Association gathered at the Shop at the Club for Boys this morning at 9 am.

Attendees (16):  Rollie, Lauree, Darwin, Grant, Bob, Julian, Al, Lon, Ed, Richard, Margaret, Gary, Ron, Harley, Frank, Ben

Also meeting today at Rick Weisbeck's shop to build Rockers:  Rick, Mary, Danny, and Mary

Items received today:
  • Rick - Axles - painted green (3/8") - 400
  • Rick - Wheels - final spray (600)
  • Rick - Cradle ends (20) - 10 pairs
  • Lon - One box of sanded toys - ready for sealing/finishing
  • Bob - basketball game parts (100 each x 4)
Tasks Today:
1.  Basketball Games: 
  • Backboards - drilling 1/2" holes for posts, and holes for attaching hoops.
  • Launchers - sand edges.
  • Backboards/Hoops Subassembly - glue hoops to backboard - attach with screws after glue is dry.
  • Bases - drilling 1/2" holes for posts, and holes for strings, and for launchers screws.
2.  Vehicles - sealed but need sanding before final finish.
3.  Ball/String Subassemblies - cut strings to 17" - drill double holes in balls - assemble ball and strings
4.  Ball/wooden Rings - cut strings to 17" - attach to wooden rings
5.  Large Oldies - drill out axle holes to match 3/8" pegs; install wheels on vehicles.
6.  Whale and rabbit - install large wheel and small wheel on each.
7.  Cradle ends - made by Rick W - sand edges lightly.
8.  Crayon vans - sand first time after cutting on the scroll saw.
9.  Items revived from ICU - Gary Graves returned a large bag of vehicles ready for wheels. Gary had rescued the vehicles which had failed final inspections and needed rework.  Gary filled voids in the wood with matching putty, and sealed and finished the vehicles.
10.  Rough cut wheeled vehicles needed to be sanded using the Ryobi Oscillating Edge Belt Sander.

Lon took home another box of basketball game bases to router and sand. Launchers are ready for installation.  Two boxes of toys are ready for sealing/finishing. 

Rollie brought in his spring attaching tool to use for pulling strings through the wooden balls.  This was a lifesaver and greatly improved the process.  He will look into ordering a few tools for use on the toy making line.  He also used his bees wax stash to wax the shims used in wheel making - greatly improving that process as well.  Grant spend some time cleaning all the glue bottles and nozzles.  He suggested this should be a daily process at the end of each toy making session for each toymaker.  That would greatly improve the gluing process.

Toymakers enjoyed coffee and cookies provided by Kathie (in absentia).

Items completed today - 20 rabbits and whales - packed and moved to storage. (10-17-2015)

Basketball Game Parts Fabrication/Milling

Wheel Line

Basketball Hoops to Backboard Sub-assembly - Assembly Line

String-to-Ball Sub-assembly - Build Up

Cradle Parts Preparation

Sanding Wheeled Vehicle Bodies after Sealing

Show and Tell

Intarsia - COLT - Ed Pike


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