Sunday, November 15, 2015

Toy Workshop - 11-14-2015 - FINAL DAY OF TOYMAKING for 2015!

Just a reminder that we will be having a Toy Workshop on Saturday from 9 to noon at the Shop at the Club Boys.  This will be our last workshop for 2015.  See you there!

Attendees Today (13):  Danny Green, Ron Fisher, Al Oines, Julian Wigen, Rollie Lynde, Harley Schmadeke, Bel Felix, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Frank DiCesare, Grant Coffin, Gary Graves, and Rick Weisbeck.

Tasks done to prepare for this workshop
1.  Cut plexi-glass circles for Turtle Banks.  Drill holes for brass nails.
2.  Tugboats - spray with final lacquer finish. 
3.  Ring Toss Games - cut to size, round over both ends, drill hole in top end.
4.  Tractors - cut, sand, assemble and spray all parts.

Tasks Today:
1.  Install string/ring assemblies to Ring Toss Games.  Pack each game into zip-lock bags.
2.  Pack up completed Ring Toss Games.
3.  Secure plexi-glass circles to Turtle Banks with brass nails. 
4.  Pack turtle banks into boxes.
5.  Install large and small wheels on tractors.
6.  Pack tractors into boxes.
7.  Sand edges of tugboats with wet-dry sandpaper.
8.  Pack tugboats into boxes.

Ring Toss Games

Tractor Final Assembly Line


Turtle Banks Final Assembly

Tugboats - Final Sanding Operation

Rick Wins!

The one who goes  home with the most boxes of toys - WINS!

(11-14-2015)  Items completed today
Total of 291 toys were completed today including Tugboats, Tractors, Ring Toss Games, and Turtle Banks.  All items were packed and moved to storage.  

This brings our total count for toys in inventory to:  2,578.  This includes 167 toys left over from last year.  Total toys made this year:  2, 411.

Tasks to do before next workshop:


Congratulations to all of the elves who made sacrifices of schedules and energy throughout the last twelve months to make it possible to complete this very worthwhile project for 2015!  Thank you for donating your time and resources to make this happen!

See you on Dec 5th for Toy Packing Day!


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