Sunday, November 8, 2015

Toy Workshop 11-7-2015

Looking ahead to Nov 7th - toy workshop in morning, TOOL SALE at Julian's Shop from 1 to 5 pm.  Lots of good clean tools for sale at very reasonable prices.  Everything must go!


Just a reminder that we will be having a Toy Workshop on Saturday from 9 to noon at the Shop at the Club Boys.  See you there!


Attendees Today (15):  Lauree and Darwin Buus, Steve Larson, Danny Green, Richard Rasmussen, Al Oines, Ed Pike, Lon Gose, Rollie Lynde, Harley Schmadeke, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Grant Coffin, Gary Graves, and Rick Weisbeck.

Tasks done to prepare for this workshop
1.  Cut posts for basketball games.  Install in bases with wedges.  Spray games.
2.  Prepare/sew more small critter bags and block bags.
3.  Finish cutting, routering, and sanding 270 small blocks and 270 large blocks for block bags.
4.  Tugboats - fabricate cabins, sand, assemble, sand.
5.  Ring Toss Games - turn handles on lathe.
6.  Chalk Boards - paint with chalk paint, install string and chalk, attach cutesy to corner.

Items received today:
1. Chalk boards - complete and ready for packaging and packing.
2.  Basketball game sub-assemblies - sprayed with final finish, ready for final assembly.
3.  Blocks - 270 small, 270 large.
4.  Block bags
5.  Critter bags
6.  Tugboats - 100 - assembled, sanded, ready for final finish spray.
7.  Ring Toss Games - handles are completed and will be delivered on Monday at General Meeting.

Tasks Today:
1.  Install string/ball assemblies to Basketball Game bases with 1/8" dowel, using launching spoon as guide for length of string.
2.  Install hoop sub-assemblies to post on base sub-assemblies, use glue.
3.  Test each Basketball Game with test spoon.
4.  Secure two spoons to each Basketball Game.
5.  Pack up completed Basketball Ball games into Boxes.
6.  Place remaining completed critters in cloth bags.  Pack bags into boxes.
7.  Place blocks into blocks bags:  10 large and 10 small per bag.  Pack bags into boxes.
8.  Place completed chalkboards into zip lock bags.
9.  Pack chalkboards into boxes.

Final Adjustments to Blocks

Basketball Game Assembly Line

Spoon Sculpturing

Block touch-ups

Test Area

Packing Area

Pegging the String/Ball sub-assemblies to the Bases

27 bags of Blocks (540 Blocks)

The Elf Gang

(11-7-2015)  Items completed today
202 -  toys including Basketball Games, Block Bags, Critter bags, Chalk Boards.  All items were packed and moved to storage.  
Storage Facility is shrinking

Other items still in work but nearing completion for the 2015 toy delivery include:
1.  Turtle Banks -          50 - attach plexi-glass circles to each turtle bank with brass nails.
2.  Tugboats      -         100 - final spraying to do.
3.  Tractors       -         100 - assemble and spray.
4.  Ring Toss Games -   35 - final assembly and spraying to do.
            Total              285

Tasks to do before next workshop:

1.  Sand a half box of Large Oldies, then seal and finish.
2.  Cut axles to length for Large Oldies.
3.  Prepare Plexiglas rounds for turtle banks.
4.  Tugboats - spray final finish.
5.  Tractors - assemble and spray.
6.  Ring Toss - add string/balls to handles.

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