Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mini-Workshops at Rick's Shop on Nov 12 and Nov 19 and Nov 26

Nov 12 - Worked on Rocking Chairs at Rick's Shop - routering and assembling.  Also assembled turtle banks with plexiglass, then packed and put them in inventory:  45.

Nov 19 - Continued working on Rocking Chairs at Rick's Shop - sanding, and assembling

Nov 23 - Applied Poly Rub finish to rocking Chairs at Bob 's Shop

Nov 26 - Rocking Chairs:  Pack and inventory:  39

Nov 26 - Drill tractor axle holes, sand bodies, glue on axle supports.  Spray on finish.
Nov 27 - Install front wheels and rear wheels.  Pack and inventory:  104.


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