Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Next General Meeting Nov 14th - Agenda

The next General Meeting of the RCWA will be on Monday Nov 14th at 7 pm at 910 Wood Ave in Rapid City, SD.  The agenda for the upcoming meeting is as follows:

1.                   Guests/new members
2.                   Treasurer’s Report- Reminder about Dues – $25/year
3.                   Sign-in / Email / Newsletter check/Blog is Available
4.                   Upcoming Events
a.       Nov 2016 General Meeting – Monday Nov 14th – at 7 pm at 910 Wood Ave
b.       SS SIG – Thursday Nov 17th – Rick Weisbeck’s Shop – 7 pm
c.       Toymaking Marathon (9 weekly workshops in a row to date) – almost completed on Nov 5th
d.       Toy Packing/DistributionSaturday Dec 3rd, 2016
                                                                                                               i.      Bring your truck to Rick’s Shop at 8:30 am to down-load the toys
                                                                                                             ii.      Meet at the Club for Boys Shop at 9:00 am to up-load the toys
                                                                                                            iii.      We will pack toys in the cafeteria area – bring your empty boxes
                                                                                                           iv.      We need about 20 empty boxes to get started – plan to pack ~ 100 boxes.
e.       Christmas Potluck – Dec 12th at The Club for Boys
5.                   Next Month’s General Meeting – Christmas Family Potluck Dinner
a.       Date:  Dec 12th – at 6 pm at Club for Boys – same place as last year
b.       Location:  Erickson Bldg - former Thrift Shop bldg – across from the Journey Museum
c.       Refreshments Person(s):  Everybody – see Potluck Sign-up Sheet
6.                   Events since last meeting (Report/Feedback/Discussion)
a.       Toymaking Workshops –Oct 15, 22, 29, and Nov 5
7.                   Toy Program Status
a.       Toymaking Marathon – almost done – no more official workshops this year – watch email for January workshops
b.       Toys Completed (11-5-2016):  2,194 toys (goal was 2,000)
c.       Toy to complete – turtle banks, rocking chairs, tractors
d.       Next Toy Workshop:  by appointment only – call Rick to see if he needs help
e.       Confirmation (that we will deliver toys to recipients) will be sent soon. 
f.        Delivery of toys to YFS will be the week after the Toy Packing Day – will confirm exact time and date soon.
8.                   Woodworking Display Cases –one Display Case is set up in lobby of Dakota Star Credit Union - 3122 W Saint Louis St, Rapid City, SD 57702; the other display is now in the window of the AARP office at the Rushmore Mall – near the south entrance sign marked Herbergers,
9.                   Wood Recovery Project – Black Walnut Tree has been milled and fully distributed.
10.               Future Discussions
11.               SHOW and TELL:

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