Friday, November 4, 2016

2016 Toy Making Marathon - Week 9 - Nov 5, 2016

Toy Workshop 11-5-2016 at CFB Shop – 9 to noon

Attendees (17):  Jerry Hood, Al Oines, Ed Pike, Danny and Mary Green, Rollie Lynde, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Lon Gose, Richard Rasmussen,  Julian Wigen, Paul Douglas, Gary Graves, Grant Coffin, Darwin and Lauree Buus, and Rick Weisbeck.

Tasks to prepare for workshop:
  1. Final spray on tugboats.  Bring to workshop to package, and inventory.
  2. Final spray on first group of Cup and Ball Games.  Bring to workshop to package, and inventory.
  3. Cut parts for Rockers.  Drill pilot holes, and assemble. After assembly, Seal, Sand, and Spray final.  Package and inventory. 
  4. Cut plastic circles for the elusive Turtle Banks. After assembly, package and inventory.
  5. Prepare Basketball Hoops for assembly with backboards. Glue hoops to Backboards. After assembly, spray final. Bring to workshop to install screws, and attach to base assemblies. Attach two spoons and game instruction sheet to each game, then package and inventory.  
  6. Make remaining Cup and Ball games.  Spray finish, then attach ball/string, package in bags, then boxes, and inventory.
  7. Make remaining spindles for Ring Toss Games.  Apply a finish.  Bring to workshop to attach ring/string, package in bags, and inventory.
Tasks accomplished at this workshop:
  1. Wheels and rotors were installed on comic helicopters (7).  Comic Helicopters were packed and inventoried. 
  2. Wheels were added to toys just coming out of ICU.
  3. Tugboats were packed and inventoried (103).
  4. Pickup trucks were packed and inventoried (6).
  5. Ring Toss sticks were drilled;  string/ball assemblies were added; the ring toss games were packaged in ziplock bags, packed and inventoried (63).
  6. Cup and ball games were finished, packed and inventoried (31).
  7. Turtle banks were packed and inventoried (5).
  8. Basketball Games (99) were worked as follows: 
                  a.  Basketball hoops were secured to backboards with screws. 
                  b.  Hoop/backboard assemblies were attached to posts on bases assemblies with glue. 
                  c.  Completed basketball games were packaged with two spoons and an instruction sheet.

This year we are including a Basketball Game information sheet with each basketball game, as follows:

Show and Tell - Ed Pike - Sunflower Intarsia

Packing and Inventory

Drilling String Holes in Ring Toss Games

Final Adjustment on  Wendy's Spoons

Securing Basketball Hoop to Backboards with screws

Basketball Game Post Fine Tuning

Wheeled Toys Assembly - Final Build

Cup and Ball Final Assembly

Basketball Game Final Assembly

Comic Helicopters Final Build

Sticks for Ring Toss Game

Toy Program Status. 

Toys completed and already in inventory at the beginning of the workshop:  1,875.  There were 319 toys moved to inventory after this workshop, bringing the total completed to: 2,194.

Tasks to complete for 2016 Toy Making Marathon:
  1. Rockers.  Drill pilot holes, and assemble.  After assembly, Seal, Sand, and Spray final.  Package and inventory. 
  2. Make plastic circles for the elusive Turtle Banks.  Attach circles to turtle with brass nails, then package and inventory.
  3. Tractors - assemble, package and inventory.


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