Saturday, October 20, 2018

TWS 10-20-2018 (TWS2018-18)

Attending today’s workshop:  20 including:  Darwin and Lauree, Gloria, Ed, Brian, Mary Jo, Paul, Julian, Frank, Ralph, Denny, Kathie and Bob, Danny, Rick, Rollie, Lon, Jerry H, Ken, and Bel.

Activities today:  Assemble basketball games and package for delivery, fill bags with blocks, add wooden ball on strings to cups for cup and ball games and package for delivery, build crates for YFS, package rocking chairs for stage in inventory room.

Accomplishments:  We ran out of spoons for the basketball games, but 72 games were packaged, with 29 more needing two spoons each.  Forty cup and ball games were completed and packaged.  Thirty-four block bags were filled and packaged for inventory.  Thirty-two crates were completed and loaded into Paul’s truck for delivery to YFS.  Forty rocking chairs were packaged and readied for inventory store room.

Photos from the workshop:

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