Saturday, October 14, 2017

Toy Workshop 10-14-2017 (TWS2017-17)

Toy Workshop 10-14-2017

Today was the coolest day of the week, just over 39 degrees at 7 am, with some funky soft hail with thunder and lightning, so we moved routers and sanders inside.  Today was a themed day:  GAMES.  We worked on tugboats, basketball games, and cup and ball games.

Attendees (24):   Danny and Mary Green, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Grant Coffin, Jerry Hood, Ralph Brethauer, Rick Weisbeck (in  home shop), Gary Graves, Lauree and Darwin Buus, Rick Braband,  Harley Schmadeke, Jerry Nordine, Paul Douglas, Ken Maron, Richard Rasmussen, Bel Felix, Ed Pike, Rollie Lynde, Mary Jo Anderson, Don Roberts, Julian Wigen, and  Al Oines.

During the past week the first group of tugboats (85) were sprayed.  They needed to be sanded with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper today.  The remainder of the tugboats (30) were assembled today.  They will need a final spray finish applied this week.  This week, basketball bases were fitted with 1/2 " dowel posts and sprayed with clear gloss lacquer.  They were now ready for strings to be installed.  Backboards were routered last week and needed some minor sanding on the corners.  Then the hoops could be glued to them.

       Sand flat sides with stationary belt sander
   Love Bugs:
       Two boxes of traced bugs (over 200) were  taken to home shops for cutting
   Tugboats (30):
        Routering - tugboat hulls and cabins
        Sanding - tugboat cabins with Rigid Sander
        Hand sanding  - tops of Stacks and corners of cabins
        Attach cabins to hulls with screws and glue
        Install pegs (aka rope ties)(red) into hulls using 3/16" thick spacers
        Glue and install stacks into cabins
        Glue stacks (1" dowels) into cabins
  Basketball games:
        Attach launchers to bases with glue and a screw
        Sand edges of backboards
        Glue hoops to backboards
        Drill pilot holes in hoops
        Install two screws thru backboards into hoops
        Install string/ball assemblies into basketball bases.
  Cup and Ball Games
       The games were turned by Grant during this past week
        Holes were drilled for the string/ball assemblies, and the handles glued in place.
        They will be final sprayed this week.
  Inventory of completed toys: count/label/record/box up/transport

Photos from today's Toy Workshop:

Busy bees preparing backboards/hoops, bases, tugboats, and miscellaneous parts.

Danny and Ken sanding and routering small parts for tugboats and critters.

Hand sanding operations to the left, tugboats and basketball games to the right.

Al aligned hoops on the groove in the backboards and gluing in place.

Harley and Julian switched from final wheel toy assembly to building tugboats.

Danny donned protective eyewear to ward off miscellaneous rockets from the router man.

The router man...

More hand sanding operations in the side room.

Paul and Richard worked on sanding the corners smooth on the backboards before attaching the hoops.

Mary Jo and Kathie used 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper to make the tugboats nice and smooth.

Items to do this week:
  1. Spray backboards (108)
  2. Spray cup and ball games (29)
  3. Spray tugboats (29)
  4. Prepare ICU items from Gary Graves for final spray.
  5. Cabins for next year - drill 1" angled hole while drill press is still setup
  6. Prepare critters for bags - dust and sort
  7. Bag the critters
  8. Seal/spray ICU items (may include some airplanes).
Items to do next Saturday at Workshop:
  1. Assemble basketball games and package with spoons and instructions.
  2. Hand sand tugboats with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper
  3. Assemble cup and ball games with string/ball assemblies.
  4. Inventory and pack up finished toys:  critters, tugboats, basketball games.
  5. Install wheels on any completed ICU items (may include some airplanes).

Mrs. Butterworth boxes

Critters ready to dusted and sorted.

Forecast for next week:
Looks to be a great week for finishing toys.

Toys packaged for Inventory today: 156            Subtotal to date:    2,152

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