Saturday, October 21, 2017

Toy Workshop 10-21-2017 (TWS2017-18)

Today was the coolest day for the second week in a row.  It was 84 degrees on Friday, but just over 49 degrees at 7 am.  Today was a finish and clean up day:  We worked on tugboats, basketball games, airplanes and cup and ball games.

Attendees (20):   Danny and Mary Green and Rick Weisbeck (in  Rick's shop), Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Jerry Hood, Lauree and Darwin Buus,  Harley Schmadeke, Paul Douglas, Ken Maron, Richard Rasmussen, Ed Pike, Rollie Lynde, Mary Jo Anderson, Don Roberts, Julian Wigen, Al Oines, Lon Gose, and Steve Larson.

During the past week the last group of tugboats (30) were sprayed.  So today, they needed to be sanded with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper today.  Also this week, basketball backboard/hoop subassemblies were sprayed with clear gloss lacquer.  They were now ready to be installed om the base subassemblies.  And lastly, cup and ball cups and handles were sprayed this week, leaving only ball and strings to be attached for completion.

Critters in bags:  On Friday 10-20-2017, a group of members (Mary Jo Anderson, Mary Green, Carol Maron and Kathie Buchanan) met to organize all critters and put them into bags.  Approximately 860 critters were placed in 86 hand made cotton bags for moving to inventory today.)

   Critters:  are now done.   Seventeen boxes containing 86 bags were moved from Bob's truck to Ken's truck for transportation to the storage facility in Black Hawk.

Love Bugs:  the Greens brought about 50 bugs in ready for seal, sand, finish, and wheels.  Don Roberts returned about 100 bugs cut to shape.  Paul Douglas took home those 100 bugs to drill, sand, and router. 

Tugboats (30):  Hand sanded the completed and final finished tugboats with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper, to be ready for packing, storing and inventory.

Basketball games:  Attach backboard/hoops to post of the bases with glue.  Add two spoons and pack them in boxes ready for inventory.

Cup and Ball Games:  The games were final sprayed this week.  Ball/strings were attached to the game today, and then packed in zip-lock bags for packing in boxes for inventory.

Airplanes:  A few airplane fuselages survived a period of time in ICU and were assembled with wheels and wings today.

Inventory of completed toys: count/label/record/box up/transport

Toys packaged for Inventory today: 312                    Subtotal to date:    2,328


Photos from today's Toy Workshop:

Hand-sanding Tugboats

Final assembly steps for Basketball games

A few more airplanes were assembled today.

Cup and Ball Games final assembly.

Wheels on Airplanes before attaching wings.


 Jerry demonstrates the technique for installing backboard to post.

About 29 boxes ready for inventory!

Yes, Rick wins today!!!

Special Project for Club for Boys Library

On Thursday, the Scroll Saw Special Interest Group cut out the templates that will be used to trace the words:  IMAGINE, LEARN, EXPLORE, DISCOVER.  These letters will be painted by volunteers at the Club for Boys, and placed on the walls of the library.








The templates were used to trace the letters on 1x12 pine for cutting to final shapes.




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