Saturday, October 7, 2017

Toy Workshop 10-7-2017 (TWS2017-16)

Toy Workshop 10-7-2017

Today was the warmest day of the week, over 70 degrees, so it was still warm enough to set up routers and sanders outside.  Today was a building day.  We continued the process started last weekend of building tugboats.  We finished up parts for basketball games, started assembling the bases, and traced out about 200 Love Bugs.  There were no toys completed for moving to storage/inventory today.  Sorry Rick, I won today.

Attendees (16):   Danny and Mary Green, Bob Buchanan, Jerry Hood, Ralph Brethauer, Rick Weisbeck, Gary Graves, Harley Schmadeke and his neighbor Carl, Jerry Nordine, Mary Jo Anderson, Don Roberts, Frank DiCesare, Lon Gose, Julian Wigen, and  Al Oines.

       Sand flat sides with stationary belt sander
       Router edges with trim routers on tables using 1/8" round-over bits
       Edge routering of the last box of critters for 2017 was completed today.
   Love Bugs:
        Love bug patterns were traced on cedar and redwood
        Traced bugs (over 200) were cut into individual blocks for cutting to shape.
        Routering - tugboat hulls and cabins
        Sanding - tugboat hulls and cabins with Rigid Sander; Sand/shape fronts of cabins
        Hand sanding  - tops of Stacks and corners of cabins
        Mark hulls for drilling rope ties (7/32")
        Drill 7/32" holes for rope ties
        Attach cabins to hulls with screws and glue
        Install pegs (aka rope ties)(red) into hulls using 3/16" thick spacers
        Glue and install stacks into cabins
        Glue stacks (1" dowels) into cabins
   Basketball games:
        Drill pilot holes in Launchers
        Attach launchers to bases with glue and a screw
        Drill two clearance holes in backboards
        Router edges of backboards

Inventory of completed toys:  count/label/record/box up/transport -  Ninety five percent of the tugboats were assembled today.  They will need a final spray finish applied when the weather comes back up near 70 degrees again.  (It dropped 35 degrees from yesterday to Sunday.)  Basketball bases are ready for posts.  Backboards need sanding, and then hoops can be attached.

Photos from today's Toy Workshop:

Julian is setting up to attach cabins to boat hulls using a positioning jig.

Al drilled two countersunk holes in the backboards.

Mary, Mary Jo, and Don sanded tugboats parts before assembly.

Cris traced Love Bugs onto cedar and redwood.

Harley got Love Bugs ready for cutting.

Ralph prepared Wendy's spoons for attaching to basketball games.

Rick rounded the edges of the last box of Critters for 2017.

Jerry and Danny sanded and routered tugboats parts.

Don drilled holes for rope ties, while Julian attached cabins to  boat hulls.

Jerry drilled pilot holes in launchers, and then attached the launchers to the basketball game bases with a screw and glue.

Don drilled holes in the hulls to receive the red axle pegs (rope ties).

Lon was building tugboats today, attaching red axle pegs to holes drilled in the tugboat hulls.

Harley cut the traced Love Bugs into blocks; Cris packed them in boxes for the next step in the process:  cutting to shape.

Lon installed red pegs into the tugboat hulls.

First apply glue to the bottom of the cabins with brushes.

Then locate the cabin to the hull using a jig for easy positioning, and drive in a 5/8" long screw.

Today was supposed to be an easy day at the shop, with extra time for cookies and coffee, but every attendee kept busy the entire workshop!  Like a well-oiled machine!

Toys packaged for Inventory today: 0                     Subtotal to date:    1,860

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