Saturday, October 1, 2016

2016 Toy Making Marathon - Week 4 - Oct. 1, 2016

Toy Workshop 10-1-2016 at CFB Shop – 9 to noon

Attendees (18):  Al Oines, Jerry Hood, Ron Fisher, Grant Coffin, Ed Pike, Danny Green, Bob and Kathie Buchanan, Lauree and Darwin Buus, Julian Wigen, Bel Felix, Frank DiCesare, Harley Schmadeke, Rollie Lynde, Gary Graves, Richard Rasmussen, and Rick Weisbeck.

Tasks to prepare for workshop:  Sealer on 75 wheeled vehicles, spray finish on 1000 wheels, spray finish on 220 toys, and 35 jewelry boxes, make and complete 52 chalkboards.  Fabricate basketball backboards. Spray finish on Helicopter Rotors.  Spray finish on Wings for Airplanes.  Mill the basketball back boards with a 1/16" deep x 3/4" groove for positioning the hoops during assembly.

Tasks completed:

  1. Wheels installed on 255 Wheeled Toys, packed and inventoried.  Included racers, sedans, oldies, locomotives, small cars, and helicopters.
  2.  35 Jewelry boxes packed and inventoried.
  3.  52 Chalkboards packed and inventoried.
  4. Toys were sanded, and routered, and cut on the scrollsaw.  Small critters were routered using a small 1/8" dremel router bit.
  5. Toys rounded over on router
  6. Toys rough sanded on RIGID sander
  7. Traced-toys cut to shape on scrollsaws
  8. Axles drilled in toys
  9. Eyes drilled in push toys
  10. Basketball backboards sanded
  11. Critters routered
  12. Wheeled toys sanded by hand after sealing and now ready for final spraying.
Toy Program Status. Toys completed and in inventory at the beginning of the workshop:  932.
There were 342 toys moved to inventory after this workshop, bring the total completed to:  1,274.

Tasks to complete for next week's workshop:
  1. Final Spray on several boxes of wheeled vehicles/wooden toys.
  2. Sealer on several boxes of wheeled vehicles/wooden toys.
  3. Final spray on last group of helicopter rotors.
  4. Bring jig for drilling holes in airplane wings.
  5. Spray wheels for the several boxes of wheeled vehicles and wooden toys that will be ready.


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